1. What and where is Paia Beach Movies ?
I live on the North Shore of Maui and I thought it would be cool to show movies on the beach.
That's about it.
We intend to showcase classics of all genres, but as ever, not everyone's definition of a classic is equal.

The 25 foot screen and Dolby Stereo sound system will be located on the sand volleyball court just outside the Paia Youth Center.
That's right next to the basketball court on the outskirts of Paia.

     next show: 7.30pm, Friday 26th April
2. Why Big Wednesday ?

Big Wednesday was (and is) the only good surf movie with a plot.

It was made in 1978 and it's a relaxed story about a group of friends growing up near their favorite surf spot.

If you have not seen it you should - and if you have - well it's the 25th anniversary so you should see it again on the big screen.

[imdb entry]
3. What else will you be showing ?
That all depends on what you all want to see.
Movies shown so far are listed here.

The number of people turning up to this showing of Big Wednesday may well determine the fate of Paia Beach Movies...

other options include stuff like singalong musicals [Grease, Sound of Music], movies of our youth [Breakfast Club, About Last Night, St. Elmo's Fire, Top Gun], or testosterone evenings [Guns of Navarone, The Great Escape, Commando, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon]... feel free to make suggestions to nick@never.com

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