a long time ago in a land far far away...

(note to all budding web designers - there is no navigation bar
of any sort on this site. see those little buttons above - back,
forwards, yes those...use them)

so if you do a search on altavista on my last name (that's bicanic) you'll get a gazillion documents mostly relating to my earlier work as a geekmeister extraordinare - all about cgi shit.
(I once heard a fat midwestern hick pronounce this ciggy-bin - to rhyme with piggy-bin which left me in no doubt about which part of the us would get nuked first.)
I believe the exact sentence was (this was in NY at some www conventiony type thang)

"Yes, I can do html but I don't know what a ciggy bin is."

hmmm. go fatso go...

anyhow, here's the stuff - or what's left of it - some funky server push animations, and (in its heyday) the first interactive animation on the web. now there will be other links there - most of the back to main page ones
will be dead so remember the buttons...