so to give you some context for the following few pages, both planes had cockpit cameras pointing directly at the guest pilot.
additionally mark's plane had a gunsight camera and mine had a tail mounted one.

this of course meant that we have no footage of the outside of the planes themselves - but I suppose that gives us something to do film next time.

here are the two views - end of runway 6, my canopy is open while we wait for Jigs (Lt. Peter J. Brennan, USNR) and Mark to complete the pre-takeoff checks.

my pilot is Phoenix. (Lt. Col. George Sherwood, USAF)

the second still is the guncam - just at the beginning of the takeoff

this point is roughly simultaneous from both tapes - we haven't even touched the controls yet and we're both freaking out.

it's basically like a video game played with a giant force feedback unit...except you're actually in the plane...

I throw a quick salute while mark's camera shows a rare wingman shot.

tally-ho !!!