here we go - guns tracking exercise to start with - I get to do my first break turn - at which point it clicks that whatever we spent on this it was worth it.

course my experience of rollercoasters is now ruined for life...but that is a small price to pay for 4G's

the second shot is a lagroll (executed by phoenix) to get us behind mark's plane for the next exercise - the white blob in the middle of the top is the other marchetti.

guns guns guns...

the sensors didn't work that weekend - but like we'd really notice

both of us score kills on the tracking exercise
the smoke gets released from the leading aircraft

i'm lookin' i'm lookin...
we struggle through the turns trying to keep our eye on the enemy aircraft

picture book high yo-yo courtesy of yours truly
look for that white blob again - leading slightly

in the second shot mark fights for position following me through some weird roll

I can't really apologise if some these shots seem weird - it's a little like sticking a camera onto a windsurf mast and then trying to explain a forward loop to someone who's never windsurfed - but these are my memories