all the pictures are still from the jvc (equipment) - which was a pain to carry - best we could get out of the batteries was about 6 minutes if kept in the camera (had to keep them in my pocket to get any useful times at all - still only 20 minutes at best - at normal temperatures I've had 30 or so) - course stopping to shoot all the time is a total hassle.

this is a roundabout way of explaining why there's fewer pictures of me around than I may have liked

this photo of gabriel doesn't really fit into the offpiste area at the back of solaise but it's a nice shot of him nonetheless...I think a this point he'd already changed his skis and was finding his rhythm much better

so in any case off the back of solaise we wandered into this massive hors piste bowl that ended in a small mountain hut operated by the securite des pistes every now and again. we skied right through the middle of this photo

it was lot of fun 'cept we had a few interchanges with some seasonaires (as in they thought we'd cause an avalanche - stupid fuckers can't tell a cornice from a hill) - this time the let's call john curtis joke finally worked and gabriel also had a mean cheese sandwich.

I didn't have a huge amount of fun on the second part of that run on account of an annoyingly small wipeout - forward twisting and I did feel the knee before the binding released.

in any case it looks really funny here but it hurt for a few days afterwards - ended up going to the physio cause I couldn't walk properly (though I could ski after warming up for about an hour)

hee three

[i'm gonna start sounding like you don't know jack soon...]