i hated chairlifts as a kid - no idea why since I don't remember other examples of vertigo but somehow I totally got over this and now I like just sitting on them for ages - it's a bitch if it's windy but if it looks like the photo on the left it flies by. the other thing about chairlifts is of course that it's the only time you get to talk properly when you're skiing - endless discussions about the best way to execute an e-commerce project being common subject matter for our daily rides on the solaise high speed quad.

it's such a boring run down to the village though - it ends in the kook slope and it's always mashed to shit.
both these photos are from said chairlift

(i kept skiing in goggles cause I forgot my shades again - see later for the new arnettes I acquired)

one of the highlights of the holiday was so-called mahatma ratcliffe - the indian/arabic/american/french freestyle skiing champion
da man busts a move...for you cavemen who don't have their computers setup right you'll need somethin' that plays mpeg layer 2 audio files - e.g. activemovie
if you have a mac you need to get a pc first then install activemovie

lastly my gear...

I love my gear (was thinking about making a page devoted to all the toys I have - not just sport stuff but all the other stuff as well)

the ski stuff was bought in Squaw last year - Salomon Prolink Equipe 2S skis (Pr8), Salomon 900S bindings, Tecnica Explosion racing boots...easily the most comfortable gear that I've skied on.
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