OJ - most likely tropicana with whatever double dose of A-to-Z vitamins is available. obviously plenty of other juices are around, but short of 100% freshly squeezed ones, tropicana rocks, and keeps much better than freshly squeezed. (a shout should go out at this stage to parmalat juices who manage to make the only decent peach and apricot juice available in the UK)

granny smith apples are one of my favourite fruits. I include them under breakfast because it's the only guaranteed time I'm likely to be at home, however I'm quite happy to finish all meals with granny smiths. when I buy them I squeeze them tightly with my thumb to see how much pressure it takes before they give.
while on the subject other fruit I like includes plums, watermelon, peaches (if they split properly and not stick to the seed), apricots, seedless grapes (and yes I mean only seedless), raspberries, seedless tangerines, cherries and strawberries (more on those later)
I like food that you can eat while reading a book with both hands - i.e. food that does not require you to clean yourself up every five seconds or cause juices to run all over the place. I realise watermelon does not fall into that category so sue me, I never eat that while reading anyway.

fresh bread is a must - I can eat toast if pushed, and in urban environments I frequently do, but ski resort fresh baguettes, or bagels with cream cheese or scrambled eggs will all do fine. note that I of course only like white baguettes and plain bagels.
although I eat cheese, wafer thin smoked ham, and cream cheese with bread, my most frequent addition to bread is liver pate. not foie gras, but completely standard liver pate - with no bits of crap in it like the french seem required to do.
that's about it for the first meal of the day - note that I don't have any milk in the morning (see misc snacks section later)


I rarely cook my own lunch nowadays. if I'm in the mountains I eat something like frankfurter and fries but at the beach a trip to safeway gets me french bread and roast chicken.
in the city I eat whatever's around - pizza, pasta, chicken, sandwiches whatever. drinks are normally coke (yeah ok so I know it's bad for me but I have few other vices), various fruit juices or water.

and that's about it for lunch - it's a boring meal for me cause it's in the middle of the day and there's always something else going on I need to get back to...


I like staying at home to cook, listen to music, watch a dvd, read a magazine, play with some new tech toy that I've acquired, fool around on the guitar etc...mostly more than one of these things ends up being combined.
at one time or another I've cooked a number of different kinds of meals, but all involved one each out of the following two groups:

meats: chicken, veal, pork, steak
side dishes: pasta, potatoes, rice

pasta is the overwhelming favourite - fresh pasta no less - for the simple reason it cooks faster than anything else. the only vegetables I ever eat (aside from raw carrots which I munch while preparing food - come to think of it I also eat dried almonds while preparing food) are tomatoes - course I'm sure some dickhead will point out they're fruits - but in my world they are vegetables.
I don't care much for sauce but I do use a mixture of sour cream and aromat to add flavour.
other than aromat the only seasoning I have any need of is salt
if I'm being very lazy I won't bother to have any meat and will eat fresh ham and cheese tortellini but hopefully that doesn't happen too often.

if I have the time and the raw materials I will make some dessert - strawberries and granny smiths in my blender - with some peach or apple juice added to kick things off.

when I eat out in the evening my eating habits vary little, if at all - but I am partial to breaded meats e.g. vitello milanese) because that's the kind of stuff I was raised on.

so blame my mother.


not many, but now and again (and in no particular order)

rowntree's fruit gums (that's gums not pastilles)
orbit sugar-free gum - green packets
chocolate milk - with homemade biscuits
chips ahoy double chocolate chip soft cookies - this is one for all the boys who know...
pringles - and that's the lot...