Title VIRTUAL FEEDBACK (aka Whatever...)

Concept Interactivity meets the WORD

Goals Promote new attitude – do not merely inform but pass judgement

Entertain (and educate)


    1. public access looseness to the show - no one including the presenters knows exactly what will happen next
    2. The ways in which viewers can influence the show include but are not limited to the following list

The web site is the way a lot of the interactivity takes place.

[In the first instance this might have to mean that a computer would be required for certain elements of the interaction – however recent changes in the technology of set top boxes may enable even this hurdle to be overcome]

The web site of the show is only alive for the duration of the show each week.

There will also be ongoing radio broadcast - but during the commercial breaks on the tv show - the radio gets extra talk.




The content of the show, like any current affairs program is largely generated from the media environment surrounding it. A short list of topics follows but it is important to note that a lot of content can be generated in real time by warping technology for the purposes of entertainment - using phones, faxes, televisions, radios and internet to enhance interactivity.

Presenters take samples from any and all media that they find interesting and comment - much like you would in a conversation with friends. This includes

- recent movies (could function as mini reviews)

- other ongoing TV channels (you can physically switch over during the show and comment on the other programs – in Mystery Science Theater 3000 style)

- ads, magazines etc.

Specifically advertising is used directly as content in ad breaks – since the ads that the viewer sees are ads we choose – rather than ads that the media buying agencies pay to position there.

Basic idea is presenters take the piss out of each other and/or guests or callers that say dumb things but serious issues are covered.

This is short list of the main topic sections with brief commentary on specific feedback features (if any) rather than attitude features, under which all are affected. The underlying principle here is that these are meant to be topics that are almost universally talked about but there is not a great deal of information widely available.


1. Money

2. Sex

It would easily be possible to phone up a number of sex chat lines or escort agencies and rate them (on the air) – sort of like a warped live version of WHICH magazine.

3. Crime

What kind of damage can they really do.

4. Media

There would be a weekly ad review and some form of film review – both done in the same style.

5. Sport