not a proposal but a loose collection of ideas.

itís 2.30 am and I didnít like where the old proposal was going so I ditched it and started from scratch.

Eagles is on. take it easy...


(aka Virtual Feedback)

Concepts: new style of live show for 14-25 ABC1 crowd.

interactive (in more senses than have been seen before)

unmoderated uncensored undefined fuckoff and die.

I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine in advertising who dissed the above line of adjectives (ok thereís a conjunction as well) on account of how every ad campaign with attitude targeted at the 14-25 market starts out with roughly those ideas. really ? well Iím 22. so how come I canít see them...

Nike ads are cool and allude to extreme lifestyles and there are certainly shows that are risque on tv but most of the stuff is still relatively bland bullshit.

What I am talking about is taking existing stereotypes and not so much knocking them on the head as making them fucking explode.

example: walk up to a group of young black guys in a red mercedes and ask them if they stole the car - then see what happens.

Itís not funny. Itís not meant to be funny. Itís meant to push peopleís buttons and encourage them to consider for once what they think about and why.

[more examples include - discussion and ratings of where in london the best girls are and why - live seductions, porn, new media, blagging clubs, car bouncing etc etc]

There should be a public access looseness to the show - where no one including the presenters knows exactly what will happen next. [when I do write up a proper proposal I suspect I will pitch a series of one pilot and five following hour long shows - each one vaguely themed around a theme - hmmm clever wording]

perhaps even a non-sequitur feeling.

Multimedia: I think itís high time we consider what multimedia actually means. if we really want to do multimedia then letís fucking do multimedia. (see ideas below - radio, net etc...)

Bruce Lee martial arts style of choice borrowed from about six different styles - some say that was the reason he was impossible to beat. Forget all this web site about a tv programme bullshit.

Take the best elements of any medium and warp them for the purposes of entertainment. That is why the technology exists in this case.



1. Ďflick between channelsí

we know the average viewer channel surfs so why not do it for him.

I can see this as being hilarious...

"Ok letís see whatís on ITV now [change into itvís signal] - fucking hell itís cell block h again - canít believe theyíre still rerunning that..." - etc etc.

technologically this is easy - itís just not ever done.(could easily include cable - adult channel etc)

  1. Ďreviewsí

if we had something to say about magazines, movies, tv etc. then weíd say so. you could hardly call them reviews - (in fact I strongly feel there should be no named sections to this show - perhaps the presenters should not even introduce themselves......another idea - another time)

think about conversations you have with your friends - somebody reads something about somebody else and so on - the kicker here is that Iím assuming the people who present the show have interesting enough thoughts....if not then the whole concept is flawed.

hopefully thatís a safe enough bet though.

somewhere in this idea is advertising - the adverts we ran in the commercial breaks would be ads we think are cool - not ads by people who buy time on the show. (so a fake commercial break if you wish)


  1. Ďmixed mediaí part 1.

what do we have at our disposal - phones computers faxes televisions radios - they are all communications media of some sort or another - two way or one way depending on your letís throw them all together and see what comes out. (for what Iím terming pure interactivity see next section)

think about the viewers of this live show as a distributed studio audience.

imagine watching killroy or oprah (forgive me god for grouping the two together) - whatís the problem - if you let everyone in the audience speak at the same time - then nothing would happen - youíd end up with a screaming match - VERY interactive but also spectacularly useless.

(sort of like a sailors random walk theorem)

so instead get rid of the studio audience that seems to plague shows like the word and instead the whole world becomes your studioaudience - ALL the viewers can scream at once and shit will still happen - (well ok the server would crash) because the other viewers do not Ďseeí the rest of the audience...(thatís not to say that they canít talk to the rest of the audience - see chatrooms next section)

anybody can ask a question with a few keypresses or a dialled phone....

I envisage a continuous phone in as guiding conversation - in the some senses similar to radio talk shows (well at least more so than to letterman type programs - which allow no viewer/audience participation whatsoever) - every person who dialled would be caller idíd and looked up automatically on one of those German CDís [the kind that allow reverse number lookups so you can find a personís address from their number] - then if they were real assholes at least it would be public.

Lines would be dropped all the time. If the caller is boring and does not advance the conversation then he/she can fuck off. likewise if interesting things are said then so be it - that stays.

(this is where the Ďwhateverí catchphrase comes in...)

letís mix some more media - all those late night sex chat lines - phone one up and put it on air - letís see how good it really is. [no warnings to the line - no planning] - then letís rate those...

[put the show on the radio simultaneously - if you canít get that cable channel you can listen to the radio - when the commercial break runs on the tv one we do something different on the radio]

Title bars going over presenter (the sort of thing where cookery programmes show their address) - but itís actually typed live by some guy perhaps dissing the presenter - the presenter canít see it but you can - sort of like an inverse teleprompter - because the phone in people could tell him about it.

[as an aside - if we ever do have sections - they could be sound/video bites of movies/songs - 3 second clips - just cause we like them and once again - mix media]

  1. Ďmixed mediaí part 2

The name virtual feedback comes from the fact that I perceive interactivity to be like a giant feedback loop.

input, output, input, output ad infinitum.

So we have a giant feedback loop except somewhere along the line somebodyís watching.

so much for the explanation of the phrase in any case. (also we are feeding one technology into another......whatever)

I get really pissed off with techy programmes (especially internet ones) that define themselves by the fact that theyíre techy programmes. enough already. the netís here. itís staying here.

letís just fucking use it like it should be used.

so we just embrace it in the same way that an interviewer uses eye contact.

a little obvious (but necessary)

- chat - (a la mtv yack)

this may be visible on screen or maybe just to presenter(s)

- ongoing influence on show (aside from the obvious talking to presenters)

background music

controlling little robot camera (can go to streamed video or force that view onto TV screen

moving stuff around studio

[this is all done via website - which only exists for the duration of the show - it also changes during the course of the show - itís alive...tee hee hee]

- Iíd also like to make use of the colored buttons on teletext handsets.

this should be easy - the cable station must have a way of processing how many people click a particular button color - so you have a remote control boxing glove which punches the bimbo presenter if more people hit red than hit green...or some such shit.


Promotion: If the pilot goes out then itís so promotable itís insane. (web/magazines etc etc etc)


itís 4.20 am. I am now tired.

Meatloaf. Like a bat out of hell....I gotta get some new music. think Iíve carted this tape round the world since age 14. sleep.